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Why join us?

At the Brainy Bunch science club we are dedicated to sparking a love for science in young minds through our engaging before/after-school classes. Our weekly sessions, held for one hour, use Eye Heart Science materials to offer an exciting opportunity for kids to learn in an environment where their imaginations can flourish, their questions are welcomed, and their curiosity is celebrated. 


From engineering marvels to the intricacies of the human body, and magical science inspired by Harry Potter, our classes cover a wide range of captivating subjects. Our goal is to not only educate, but nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills outside the traditional classroom setting. 


We believe in fostering curiosity and encouraging our young scientists to venture slightly off script, explore deeper into the topics that pique their interest. Through carefully crafted activities, experiments and projects, your children will develop lifelong problem solving skills that empower them to think independently and embrace the world of science. 


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to making learning FUN! We understand that a child's natural curiosity flourishes when they are engaged and having a blast. 


JOIN US at Brainy Bunch Science Club, where education meets excitement and where children's love for science is ignited. 

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All class designs and materials are provided by:

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Why join us?

What are we learning next?

This term...

For term 4 we will be exploring the wonderful world of botany!


We learn about plant anatomy, why plants need to be green, make colour powered spinning flowers and much more! 

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What's to come?

Sneak peak for
Next Year...
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