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Go with the PHLOem! (Week 3 recap)

In our latest botanical adventure, we're delving into the fascinating world of capillary action and chromatography to create captivating flowers that not only catch the eye but also shed light on the intricate inner workings of plant transport systems.

As we observe these stunning colours gracefully spreading to the very edges of each petal and leaf, it becomes clear that nature's genius lies in its ability to facilitate the transport of water and nutrients, enabling the thriving and survival of plants.

Capillary action, the phenomenon by which liquids rise against gravity in narrow spaces, mirrors the incredible journey of water through a plant's xylem and phloem.

Through the use of chromatography, we witness these vivid hues travel and flourish, offering a visual representation of the lifeblood of plants. This experiment is a testament to the power of science in unlocking the secrets of the natural world, making us appreciate the magic of each living organism in a whole new light.

Have a look at these beautiful creations!

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