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About us


Where it began:

Where we are now!

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My name is Annika, I am a Neuroscience and Economics graduate (NERD) with a background in teaching and coaching kids! I've always loved my science and have started this adventure to share that passion for learning (and nerdiness) with our young minds of Sydney. It breaks my heart when I hear kids say "nah I don't like science there's too many rules" or "I didn't like my science teacher so I gave it up".


For a few years I've been lucky enough to teach with Eye Heart Science - A fantastic company who has EXPLODED in popularity across the Northern Beaches. They have run many successful classes and continue to design incredibly exciting and enriching science classes for primary school kids.


To continue their legacy, The Brainy Bunch Kids is running these classes in the Eastern Suburbs! I'm striving to give kids the opportunity to have the science classes we never had growing up so they either love their STEM as much as I do or, more importantly, love learning! In today's information rich world it's more important than ever that our kids develop critical thinking/problem solving skills from an early age. To supplement our fantastic teachers, we provide before and after-school activities to work on these skills outside the structured syllabus system. We want them to be able to go off script, experiment (safely of course) and, even better, get their hands dirty!

Hopefully you can all join the Brainy Bunch and your kids will enjoy these classes as much as I enjoy teaching them :)

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